Akdong Musician wins #1 on MNET M!Countdown & SBS Inkigayo + Netizens’ Comments!

AKDONG MUSICIAN, or AKMU, the YG group composed of siblings LEE CHAN HYUK and LEE SOO HYUN, topped “SBS Inkigayo,” following “Mnet M Countdown.”

AKMU topped “SBS Inkigayo” on Apr. 20, though the show was cancelled. It was their second time after “Mnet M Countdown,” where they were placed first on Apr. 17.

The show was cancelled due to the Sewol Ship incident in Korea, and the rankings were revealed on the Inkigayo website. 

The new song by AKMU has been on the top of the music chart since it was released two weeks ago. The group is also rocking many Korean music programs both on the cable TV and major channels. Their title songs, “200%”, “MELTED”, “GIVE LOVE” and other songs such as “ARTIFICIAL GRASS” and “HAIR PART” are gaining popularity, as well.

Source: Ilgansports 

Translated by: YG LIFE


1. [+838, -49] We’re unable to see their first #1 after their debut because of the unfortunate Sewol Ferry accident but still, congratulations! I sincerely hope all of the victims are saved and returned to their families.

2. [+654, -42] Congratulations. Continue being great musicians ^^

3. [+623, -30] I wanted to see them smiling brightly after receiving their trophies but congratulations

4. [+577, -38] Congratulations kids on your first trophy since debut… I’m sure they’re understanding of the situation because they’re such nice kids.

5. [+553, -35] Unfortunate timing but congratulations. Continue to release great music!

6. [+105, -13] No reason to hate on them for receiving an award at a time like this. By that logic, businesses should stop opening and kids should stop going to school. Life goes on… AkMu was merely given an award from Inkigayo, no need to say anything more about it.

7. [+100, -20] No need to blame AkMu for receiving an award in this situation…

8. [+82, -10] Unfortunate that they’re not able to give an award speech or sing for their first win since their debut. Their win will be forgotten soon…

9. [+84, -17] Unfortunate that receiving a trophy isn’t automatically joyous in this situation… Congratulations.

10. [+71, -6] I understand the sadness everyone is feeling… but everyone has a life to live and it’s nobody’s business to involve themselves in how someone chooses to live it. In a situation where it’s easy to fall into depression and trauma, I think it’s good to heal your heart with good music.. Don’t force people to feel sad.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Translated by: netizenbuzz@blogspot.com

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[TWITTER] Akdong Musician’s 1st win for 200% on 140417 M-Countdown

*140417 M-Countdown was cancelled due to the Sewol accident. Source: @kor_celebrities
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[TWITTER] Akdong Musician’s 2nd win for 200% on 140420 Inkigayo

*140420 Inkigayo has been cancelled due to the Sewol accident.

Source: @kor_celebrities

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KBS bans Akdong Musician’s ‘Galaxy’ song for indirectly promoting Samsung’s product?

After looking into the popular album, KBS concluded Akdong Musician’s Galaxy unfit to be played on broadcast.

On April 16, KBS revealed the newly banned songs, which included Akdong Musician’s Galaxy from its first album Play

The reasoning was due to the word ‘galaxy’ being repeated a total of nine times. KBS said that the song could be misunderstood as a commercial song for Samsung’s smartphone Galaxy series. 

The other songs on the album were deemed fine. 

Source & Translated by: MWAVE 

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[SOOHYUNSTAGRAM] 140415 (am_suhyunlee): “Very happy! #AKMU”

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[SOOHYUNSTAGRAM] 140415 (am_suhyunlee):대박!!! How do you draw so good? ㅋㅋㅋ 너무 이쁘ㅠㅠ❤️ 고마워요 정말정말 고마워요~ ! 200% sure of that! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #화이틩♡”

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Akdong Musician heads over to Japan to film ‘Give Love’ Music Video!

The sibling duo AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU) who brought a sensation to the music world this spring is said to have left for Japan urgently in the morning of April 14. All the attention is on AKMU as no YG artists were scheduled to perform in Japan at the beginning of the week. So what was the reason for their departure?

According OSEN’s report, AKMU’s reason for going to Japan was to film the music video of “GIVE LOVE.” Keeping in mind YANG’s usual audacious promotional methods, this is nothing new. He is keeping the promise of letting the public choose the final title track, and immediately chose a foreign location for filming the music video.

It is unconventional and unprecedented to film all three title songs’ music videos in such a grand scale for a newly debuted artist. Considering that entertainment agencies invest hundreds of million won on one music video, once can assume the power of YG’s vigorous promotions.

This is also a proof of YANG’s affection for the duo. According to YG’s personnel, YANG personally came up with the idea to let the fans decide the final title songs, and also decided to send AKMU to Japan for music video filming.

Source: Osen

Translated by: YG LIFE


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[YG-LIFE] 140414 AKMU- ‘Melted’ Countdown Counter

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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] 140413 AKMU - ‘Melted’ performance on Inkigayo

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